The platform


The project involves a complex technological platform, a Dedem Photo Booth used as an art platform, which is the unique symbol and the experiential realization of Neuro-Aesthetic Photography. Representing both an extraordinary avant-garde technology and an artistic tool of aesthetic and cultural emancipation, it is an explicit reference to the Exhibition in Real Time n. 4: Leave a photographic sign of your fleeting visit on these walls by the Italian artist Franco Vaccari, presented 50 years ago at the Venice Art Biennale in 1972. Thanks to the new opportunities offered by technological developments and Artificial Intelligence, NEFFIE re-actualizes the iconic Photomatic, making it the protagonist of what could be defined as a new Virtual Exhibition in Real Time, thus showing the anticipatory topicality of concepts such as “feedback” or “technological unconscious”.

Cabina Neffie-Dedem

Esposizione Neffie