Metapicture and Metaverse

The photographs realized for NEFFIE, defined as “metapictures”, are absolutely unique and particular shots that capture that precise moment in which an ephemeral image is created on a reflecting and translucent medium. These images generate unexpected mechanisms of semantic aggregation, activating complex interpretative processes that stimulate the eye and the mind of the observer. Therefore, looking at a Neuro-Aesthetic Photography is like reading a novel, understanding that all the deepest aspects of the world can only be hidden on its surface.

In this sense, the NEFFIE project stands as a creative form of visual emancipation, individual and collective, able to promote more conscious and attentive gazes, anticipating in full experiential transparency what can happen with the evolution of Augmented Reality. Put into dialogue in the Metaverse, Cognitive Photographs become an archetype of uniqueness in individual creative experiences and a paradigm of authenticity in interpersonal relationships, contributing to the construction of a new culture based on the values of sharing and participation.

Foto Neffie (scatto di Alberto Sanna)

Foto Coffie, risultato della sperimentazione (reinterpretazione)

    Proiezione del Metaverso su Parete

    Soggetto intento a navigare lo stesso Metaverso tramite Oculus