The new virtual environment designed by ETT S.p.A allows an immersive enjoyment of NEFFIE’s digital artworks, enhanced by the possibility to interact in real time with other visitors through their avatars: up to 50 avatars can move freely among the artworks, communicating with each other via microphone and webcam activation.

The Metaverse can be accessed via a link from your desktop, IOS or Android smartphone, or Virtual Reality visor. Designed as a real art exhibition, the Metaverse is a new way of accessing the artworld in the XXI century, opening up new interactive, inclusive and immersive creative horizons.

Fabio Castelli durante immersione nel Metaverso NEFFIE al al MIA FAIR 2023

Utilizzo del Metaverso tramite visori.

Neffie Spatial Metaverso